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School Meals

School Meals

Our meals are cooked for us by ASPENS who have a variety of different foods from around the world on their menus

Aspens Services, Offerton Barns Business Centre, Offerton Ln, Hindlip WR3 8SX


Free School Meals

Your child might be entitled to free school meals. All children who are in Reception, year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive free school meals or they can bring a packed lunch from homeThe South Gloucestershire website gives more information and explains how to apply for free school meals.

Year R – Year 4  Information

A menu will be displayed on our website and in the learning zone (see below).  All children will eat in the school hall and can sit wherever they like (they don’t need to have the same lunch as their friend in order to sit by them!) If you send a packed lunch please ensure your child can recognise their lunch box.  We encourage the children to self-register in the morning and decide what lunch they are having. To avoid mistakes, please discuss the choices with your child and make sure your child knows what they are having for lunch.

Snacks – During the morning session children will be able to have a drink and a healthy snack.  The fruit for EYFS and KS1 is provided through a Government scheme therefore there is no charge.  Children in KS2 may bring their own healthy snack.

Water bottles – Please get your child a water bottle.  These must not contain fizzy drinks and no glass bottles please. The water bottle needs to be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Free School Milk – On your child’s 5th birthday they will no longer receive free school milk.  Milk is provided by School Milk Services, where you can arrange to pay for your child’s school milk or phone them direct on 01934 510950.  School Milk Services make it easy for parents of children over five to order and pay for their children’s milk and with their new system they can now register and pay online.

If your child doesn’t have school milk they are encouraged to have a drink of water from their water bottle.

Paying for your meals

You can pay for your children’s meals via our online payment system using this link:  www.scopay.com.  For more information on how to use this system please see Online Payments

Our Menus

YR – Y4 Food Menus

Y5 – Y11 Food Menus