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Ensuring that all children are in school, ready for learning every day is essential. We would ask you to please make sure you book appointments outside the school day where possible and all holidays are taken during the breaks. All attendance is recorded and monitored closely for each child, and every day really counts. We thank you for your support in this for the benefit of the children.

The secondary school starts at 08:50 each day and students are late if they are not in roll call by this time.  Students need to be on the school site by 08:40 and if they are late to school after this time must sign in at reception.  If students are regularly late they will be given a Senior Leadership detention.  Please read the booklet ‘Attendance and Punctuality’ which gives more information and advice for parents/carers.

In the Acorn we believe that excellent attendance is vital to children’s education.  If your child isn’t in school every day they miss out on a huge number of great learning opportunities.  We learn a different sound every day so even missing a day can impact on their phonic knowledge and confidence when learning to read.  It can also impact on their ability to make and sustain friendships.  Children who are regularly absent from school often feel excluded from playtime games and activities. While we appreciate children do get ill and need to be at home to recuperate and recover fully, please be mindful that excellent attendance has a hugely positive impact on a child’s education.  We ask for your help and support in ensuring that your child arrives punctually for both morning and afternoon registration and that he/she comes ready to learn.


No student should be sent to school if they are clearly ill or infectious. If a student comes into contact with certain infectious diseases, the family doctor will advise about exclusion from the academy. If you are not sure, please read the information leaflet ‘Should my child go to school today?‘  If a student is absent due to sickness or diarrhoea, they must remain absent for 48 hours following the final episode.

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Attendance and Punctuality

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Reporting Absence


If your son/daughter is ill and will be away from the Academy, please phone the Primary Phase office before 9.15am.

01179 927 129


Please phone the student attendance line between 8.30 and 9.30 am for a conversation with our attendance team.

01179 927 111