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Online Policy

This child friendly e-safety policy has been developed in collaboration with King’s Oak Academy School Council with the aim to keep
children safe on the internet at home and at school.

Why do we like the internet?

  • It is interesting and fun.
  • We can learn a lot from the internet.
  • We use it for our school work.

What is Online Safety?

To keep you safe when using online platforms so you can enjoy, explore and have fun.

What are the dangers of children going online?

  • Cyber bullying – nasty text messages, emails, group chats.
    People on the internet can pretend that they are someone else.
    People could ask you for personal information, which is dangerous. Why do we need an e-safety policy?
    To keep children safe whilst also having fun using the internet at home and at school.

How does King’s Oak academy keep students safe when they use the internet at school?.

  • The school maintain anti-virus software to keep viruses away
  • We have internet filters to keep us from seeing inappropriate content.
  • The schools keeps laptops and Wi-Fi access secure.
  • Regular PHSE reminders about social media use.

If you have a problem when you are online what should you do?

  • Keep calm and try an ignore the person.
  • Block and report anyone that is being unkind.
  • Check your privacy settings.
  • Report anything that worries you to an adult
  • Keep all messages as evidence.

What should you not do?

  • Do not keep worries to yourself.
  • Do not respond back and be unkind to anybody.

Who can you tell if you are worried about yourself or someone else?

  • Friends,
    Teachers and your Head of Year.

What our school does to respond to Online Safety Issues?

  • We take online safety matters seriously.
  • We listen to the children involved and offer support.
  • We investigate and look at evidence and gives sanctions.
  • We may contact parents/carers.
  • We enourage students to block and report using the report content button on the student navigator page.

Our Internet Rules:

  • We never share our passwords or personal information with anyone else.
  • We need to tell a grown up if we see or hear something that makes us upset or worried.
  • We will never send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty.
  • When we send emails or use social media apps we are polite and friendly.
  • We will have more conversations with our parents/carers about what we are doing online and do our best to spend less time on our phones.

How should we act on the Internet?

S – Keep your personal information SAFE and Secure
M – Do not agree to meet anyone from the Internet: they may not be who they say they are
A – Do not ACCEPT messages or emails from someone you don’t know
R – Remember, do not always trust the information you find on the Internet: it may not be correct
T – If something or someone upsets you on the Internet TELL a trusted adult in school or at home.

Date Policy Adopted: October 2022
Date for review: October 2023
Agreed by student council