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Our Team

Senior Leadership Team


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSLo): Adele Rice
Family Liaison Lead and Deputy DSLo: Nicky Baker
Pastoral Leader and Deputy DSLo: Zoe Side
Education Welfare Officer: Sukhi Singh
Admissions and Attendance Lead: Sarah Bush
Admissions and Attendance Assistant: Kate Twynham
King’s Oak Academy Councillor (Safeguarding): Liz Gregory
Exam’s Officer and Careers Advice: Gemma Larkin

Inclusion Team

Assistant Principal and Head of Inclusion: Becki Thielen
Associate Assistant Principal of EDI: Hannah Briden
SENCo: Lou Roscoe
Deputy SENCo: Megan Redwood
Counsellor: Sarah Holtby and Nicky Penlington
Thrive Practitioner: Boxhall
Speech and Language Therapy: External Provider
Literacy Intervention Lead: Svetlana Powell
Numeracy Intervention Lead: Marie Scott
Reading Intervention Lead: Liz Parry

Lower School Team

Head of Early Years (Reception & Year 1): Charlotte Whiteford
Reception Catkins Class Teacher: Emma Bartlett
Reception Blossom Class Teacher: Charlotte Whiteford
Year 1 Willow Class Teacher: Michael Diggle
Year 1 Maple Class Teacher: Anna Tattersall
Head of Year 2 – Year 4: Sophie Joss
Year 2 Rowan Class Teacher: Sophie Joss & Tayler Eade
Year 2 Elm Class Teacher: Amy Long
Year 3 Juniper Class Teacher: Tom Shipley-Palmer
Year 3 Pine Class Teacher: Emily Baber
Year 4 Beech Class Teacher: Claire Rayment
Year 4 Redwood Class Teacher: Kira Roberts

Middle School Team

Head of Year 5 and Year 6: Emma Watts
Year 5 Aspen Class Teacher: Beth Hibbert
Year 5 Sycamore Class Teacher: Abbie Southcott
Year 6 Hawthorn Class Teacher: Hannah Guy
Year 6 Ash Class Teacher: Margarita Worth
Head of Year 7: Chris Nathan
7.1 Class Tutor: Lucy Jacobson
7.2 Class Tutor: Tom Garner
7.3 Class Tutor: Monika Mata
7.4 Class Tutor: Adam Blake
7.5 Class Tutor: Sabrina Marie-Anais
Head of Year 8: Hannah Pearch
8.1 Class Tutor: Kieran Bromsgrove
8.2 Class Tutor: Becky Penn-Bull
8.3 Class Tutor: Rebecca Rowley
8.4 Class Tutor: Debra Thacker
8.5 Class Tutor: Abi Jones

Upper School Team

Head of Year 9: Alex Heath
9.1 Class Tutor: Laline Hales
9.2 Class Tutor: Lu Xiao
9.3 Class Tutor: Billy McGregor
9.4 Class Tutor: Robyn Harrold
9.5 Class Tutor: Robert Buncock
Head of Year 10: Steve Mannin
10.1 Class Tutor: Rebecca Highmore
10.2 Class Tutor: Dan Jackson
10.3 Class Tutor: George Tanner
10.4 Class Tutor: Tom Lindeman
Head of Year 11: Sarah Holtby
11.1 Class Tutor: Samantha Edgson
11.2 Class Tutor: Anthony Wilkinson
11.3 Class Tutor: Rashida Begum
11.4 Class Tutor: Liam Upham
11.5 Class Tutor: Holly Coll

Subject Leadership Team

Associate Assistant Principal of English: Phil Spring
Second in English: Taylor Eade
Head of Maths: Sam Wood-Wright
Second in Maths: Emily Baber
Associate Assistant Principal of STEM: Laura Phillips
Second in Science: Kieran Bromsgrove
Head of Humanities: George Tanner
Second in Humanities: Rebecca Rowley
Associate Assistant Principal – Community Health & Partnerships: James Cornick
Second in Health: Abbie Southcott
Head of Modern Foreign Languages: Sabrina Marie-Anais
Head of Creative Technology: Laura Phillips
Head of Performing Arts: Jemma Morrell