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Year 5/6 Information


In Years 5 and 6, we have our own class teachers (Mrs Worth, Miss Guy, Miss Southcott and Miss Hibbert), who lead our learning across the curriculum for the majority of the week.  Just like in Lower School, we sometimes have time with other teachers.  We also love having the opportunity to be taught by subject-specialists for a couple of sessions every week, too!  In Computing, PE, Creative Technology, Art and Music, we get to use the specialist spaces that some of the older children use; in these spaces there is lots of cool equipment that we are beginning to use.  When learning Science with our teachers, we sometimes even get to go to the science labs.  Year 5 have experienced Bunsen Burners already this year!


We are very lucky to be supported by our fantastic Teaching Partners, Miss Hicks, Mrs Barrett, Miss Holbrook, Mrs Godwin and Miss Norman in Years 5 and 6.  Our TPs support some of our children on a 1:1 basis; lead sessions to support our social and emotional development; help us academically, including leading groups in Phonics and Reading Speed and they also help us individually to address gaps in our learning.

Our spaces

You can usually find us on the Middle School site of KOA: we are based here for most of our lessons, with our class teachers.  We also spend our playtimes here.  We have this space all to ourselves at break and lunch because everyone else is in lessons!  Right in the middle of our play-spaces is our canteen, where we eat lunch together.

During our playtimes, we have access to The LRC, where some of us like to go and read, colour quietly or use lego; sometimes, we enjoy playing board games in this space.  Some of us prefer to stay outside, playing imaginative games, using the play equipment that the Friends of KOA bought for us, using our playground markings, chilling on the benches outside of the canteen, practising our basketball shooting or playing football.

We are lucky to have a Forest School area available to us right next to our classrooms.  On Monday afternoons, Year 5 and Year 6 take it in turns with Lower School to work with our Forest School Teacher.  We always look forward to the Spring/Summer, when this area is open during social times, as in the Winter, it is just too muddy!  We also love Term 6, as we are able to enjoy the large grassy area during social times.

In Years 5 and 6, we have a whole building to ourselves, with our four classrooms (two for Year 5 and two for Year 6).  We are continuing to work together to make this space our own.

Our classrooms look just like most Primary classrooms, with hooks for our bags and coats, displays of our current learning and interactive boards which we use to help us in our learning.  In Year 5 and 6, we also have access to iPads that support us in our learning.