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Privacy Notice Policy

What is personal data?

Personal data is information about you. This is information that could potentially identify you. This includes your name, your date of birth, your address and phone number.

What personal data does the school collect?

The school collects information about you including:

  • Your name, address and date of birth;
  • Your assessment information and records of your learning;
  • Safeguarding information;
  • Medical information;
  • Attendance records;
  • photographs, videos and CCTV;

Why does the school need this information?

By law, we have a duty of care to you. The law states that we need this information to know who is attending our school and to provide you
with a great education.

It is most important for the school to keep you safe and we hold this information to help us to do this.

Who does the school share your information with?

Sometimes is important for us to share some of this information with others. This could include the Police, the NHS, Social Care and exam

We must also share this information with the Local Authority where you live (for example Bristol or South Gloucestershire)

We may also share your information with other schools and colleges you may wish to attend.

Where does the school keep this data?

We keep all of your data very safely within the school and stored in a number of ways. This could be in files under lock and key or on a computer with strong security.

How long does the school keep this data for?

We check all our files often to make sure we are only holding the documents and information we need. Once you leave the school, we
may be required to keep some information about you.

If you have any questions please ask a member of the academy staff to tell you who the academies Data Protection Officer is and you can then
talk to them about it.

Date Policy Adopted: October 2022
Date for review: October 2023
Agreed by student council