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Lower School Day

The Academy’s hours of operation is 32.5

Reception – Year 2 

AM Gates  0820 – 0835  
Session 1  0835 – 1010  
Morning Break  1010 -1030  
Assembly  1030 – 1050  
Session 2  1050 – 1145  
Lunch  1145 – 1245  
Registration  1245 – 1250  
Session 3  1250 – 1445  
End of Day  Reading/Story  1445 – 1500  

Year 3 – Year 4

AM Gates  0820 – 0835 
Session 1  0835 – 1010  
Assembly  1010 -1030  
Morning Break  1030 – 1050  
Session 2  1050 – 1230  
Lunch  1230 – 1315  
Registration  1315 – 1320  
Session 3  1320 – 1445  
End of Day  Reading/Story  1445 – 1500  

Lower School Drop-Off and Collection Arrangements 

At the start of the day the school gates will be opened by a member of staff and the children can wait, with you, on the main playground.  At 0830am the classrooms are opened and the children will be greeted by their teacher.  During the first few weeks of the school year, Reception parents are welcome to stay and settle their child if they need reassurance and support; however, in our experience, it usually best to leave reasonably promptly. We are happy for you to call us later in the day to check that they have settled and are having a successful day in their learning. 

At the end of the day, all children are collected from their classroom/garden room doors unless they are going to After School Club.  It is much easier for children and teachers to spot parents if you stand in the main playground area as opposed to standing by the door and, whilst we are getting to know you in the first few weeks of the school year, it is helpful to wave to make yourself known to the staff.  To assist with a smooth handover please refrain from talking with your child’s class teacher until all children have been handed over to their designated person. 

Lastly, please be aware that we can only hand your child over to a designated person, therefore if you plan for someone different to collect your child, please telephone the school office or send a note in with your child to confirm the end of day collection arrangements.