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Upper School information

Welcome to King’s Oak Academy Upper School

Head of Upper School

Upper School information

On behalf of the staff here in the Upper School I would like to extend a very warm welcome.

Our overarching aim in the Upper School is to refine student skills whilst personalising their learning journey through KS4 and on into higher education or training. We pride ourselves on offering our students the best opportunities within their areas of study and beyond, building on students’ prior learning blocks whilst enhancing their cultural capital and expanding their transferable life skills set. Learning in the Upper School is contextualised to allow students to observe the real-life links to a topic and to secure connections between knowledge and application.

Our Core Student Values:

  • Unapologetically Academic
  • Relentlessly Fair
  • Own your Behaviour
  • Unswerving focus on destinations

Our staff are dedicated to working with, and supporting, the individual and offering the therapeutic care needed to excel. Whilst having clear, high expectations we do not want to lose the individualism of our students and encourage them to continue to express themselves and develop their passions, their beliefs and their interests.

The aim, to develop our students in to becoming proud, resilient, hardworking active members of our wider society, giving them the confidence to be their best self and to seize every opportunity available.

Mr Marshall-Aherne
Assistant Principal – Head of Upper School
[email protected]