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Upper School information

Welcome from the Head of Year 9, Steve Mannin

Upper School information

A big hello to everyone. I am Mr Mannin, and I will be the Head of Year 9.

In Year 9, students will be moving into the Upper School as they begin the final part of their Key Stage 3 education and prepare for the final Key Stage 4 GCSE years. Many of their lessons will be building towards their GCSE choices which will be taken in the spring.

Closer to the time we will deliver an open evening that will enable you as a family to discuss the appropriate options that might be considered and how to go about opting for them.

Throughout the year there will be a series of assessment points that will help to inform these decisions.

As the students move into the Upper School there will be a growing expectation that they demonstrate the maturity, positive behaviour and high expectations of more senior students within the Academy.

I am really excited to be working with this group of students who have already demonstrated that they have some exceptional skills and qualities in their first two years with us at King’s Oak.

Welcome from the Head of Year 10, Sarah Holtby

Upper School information

In Year 10, students personalise their learning through option subjects, creating their own unique pathway.

Students delve deeper into specific subject areas and expand their knowledge while encouraging a passion for learning.

Regular mock exams, supported by end of school assessments, test areas of strengths and weakness to prepare all students for formal examinations.

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of different career options and undertake work experience to develop employability skills.

As part of the Upper School, Year 10 students have specialist teachers and tutors to guide them with their learning and improve their independence.

Developing these relationships will ensure all Year 10 students build a rapport with their teachers and feel supported on their personalised learning pathway.

Welcome from the Head of Year 11, Alex Heath

Upper School information

In Year 11 we work towards the aim of students leaving King’s Oak Academy as well-rounded members of society, leaving with everything they need for their post-16 future; not only their exam results, but the transferrable skills required to have a successful life.

Students should work well with their Tutor and their Upper School teachers in order to build on the skills and knowledge they already have, and develop this to achieve their maximum potential. Students know that their Tutors, Head of Year and Head of School will work closely with them to support them in the final stretch of their King’s Oak journey.

As in Year 10, Tutors will be the first point of contact for initial concerns in behaviour, attendance and pastoral matters, and the team will meet regularly to share information and workload with the Head of Year.

As students head towards their latter stages of school life we will strive to make the Year 11 students’ King’s Oak journey a memorable experience and do our very best to ensure students leave happy and ready for their next steps.