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Exam Information

Exams for the Upper School consist of ‘mocks’ and ‘real’ exams. For ‘real’ exams there are two main exam periods during the school year – in January/February and in May/June. The majority of exams are sat in the May/June of Year 11, but if a student takes a BTEC subject they may also take exams in January/February of Year 11.

We also run three sets of mock exams – in Terms 3 and 6 of Year 10, and in Terms 2 and 4 of Year 11. These give students the opportunity to experience what it’s like to take an exam under official conditions and regulations, before having to do the real thing. It’s also a valuable chance for the Exams Officer and SENCo to test out what works for students, in terms of rooming, seating plans and access arrangements. The teachers also use the grades achieved in mocks to monitor students’ progress, and to give students their predicted grades which they can use when considering Post 16 choices and applying to them.

Year 9 students will also be assessed, but this is typically done in the classroom environment.

All of the exams are run in accordance with JCQ regulations, which are in place to ensure the quality and integrity of the examination process. Students need to be aware of the expectation we have of their behaviour during exam time – the guidelines for this can be found here:

Information for Candidates Documents

This will be shared and reiterated to students before each exam season.

Exam dates 2023 – 2024

16 October 2023 – 10 November 2023Year 11 Mocks
22 January 2024 – 2 February 2024Year 10 Mocks
5 February 2024 – 1 March 2024Year 11 Mocks
7 May 2024 – 19 June 2024GCSEs
24 June 2024 – 4 July 2024Year 10 Mocks

Summer Exams Timetable 2024

Year 11 exam information evening

Subject content overview

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Results Day Information

Results Day for Year 11s takes place in August each year, and students use their results to enroll on their Post 16 choice. Results can be appealed, and we can request re-marks, for one month following Results Day, although there is a fee for this in most cases.

Results Collection 2023 – Students can collect their results on 24 August between 9:00 and 11:00am from the canteen. Access via the bottom gate. Any results not collected by 11:00 am will be posted home to the student’s registered address unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the Exams Officer.’

Post results services – Deadlines, fees and charges – 22-23

JCQ Post results services

Post results service

If you have any queries or questions regarding exams, please contact [email protected]