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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

In Year 3, we support our children to Work Hard and Be Kind. All children are encouraged to develop as independent, resilient and reflective learners through the use of Learning Gem Powers.

Our curriculum is enriching, meaningful and active so that our children can become fully immersed in their learning. The children learn through a series of well-planned and sequenced enquiries to engage children in their broad range of learning opportunities. You will find out about our curriculum through our termly topic map.

These are the kinds of learning opportunities you can look forward to this year:

  • Being authors and immersing ourselves into the story of ‘Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Book’
  • Being geographers and exploring our wider local area of the South West. We think tropically when we compare The Mediterranean and England.
  • Being historians and discovering facts about Monarchs over time and putting ourselves in the shoes of our Tudor ancestors.
  • Being artists and using a variety of medias to express ourselves and be creative. We will create sculptures and be influenced by a diverse range of artists.
  • Being Philosophers – we will be learning about others’ beliefs across the world, taking a particular interest in Sikhism. We will also be considering BIG questions such as ‘Has Christmas lost its true meaning’
  • Being Scientists – and investigating the world around us (and beneath us) and the way we interact with it. We will even do experiments involving scotch eggs to replicate what’s inside the Earth.

Our Teaching Team