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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

In Year 2, we support our children to Work Hard and Be Kind. All children are encouraged to develop as independent, resilient and reflective learners through the use of Learning Gem Powers.

Our curriculum is enriching, meaningful and active so that our children can become fully immersed in their learning. The children learn through a series of well-planned and sequenced enquiries to engage children in their broad range of learning opportunities. You will find out about our curriculum through our termly topic map.

These are the kinds of learning opportunities you can look forward to this year:

  • Being authors and exploring a variety of different texts including ‘Lights on Cotton Rock’ and write an alternative ending for ‘Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion’. We will become familiar with new grammar such as expanded noun phrases and using simple subordinating conjunctions.
  • Being geographers and exploring the seven continents and the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator. We will also explore ‘Kenya’ and compare its geographical features with the South West.
  • Being Scientists and exploring Earth and its place in the solar system. Looking at animals and their specific habitats and talking about the impact of environmental change and habitat destruction. We will also research about the Human body and how we can keep ourselves healthy.
  • Being historians and discovering the changes and inventions during the Victorian Era. We will even visit SS Great Britain and Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  • Being artists and exploring with different media to see what happens when we mix colours together! We use artistic language like ‘primary colours’ and ‘secondary colours’ to explain what we’ve learnt.
  • Being Philosophers – we will be learning about others’ beliefs across the world.

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Year 2

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