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Visions and Values

We are a community school with High Expectations and High Inclusion for all. Our learning community has a collective commitment to delivering high quality education that enables all students to achieve strong outcomes, feel successful and be confident that they can make the most of the opportunities available to them in their futures.

Our staff are passionate about educating and supporting children to grow and mature from age 4 (Reception) to 16 (Year 11). Our focus is on designing and delivering an education across the phases that fully prepares children for their futures.  Our subject leaders ensure that there is a clear intent behind the King’s Oak curriculum so that it spirals from Reception to Year 11 and supports all children to build on their levels of knowledge, skills and understanding so that they are able to experience awe and wonder in their learning. We pride ourselves on creating deep, learning experiences for our students. Our lessons, learning and wider experiences at King’s Oak are both challenging and joy filled so that your child feels empowered and curious to seek meaning in their learning.

Every member of our community is determined to work hard and be kind.  It is essential that we each feel valued as individuals, can access help when we need support and are challenged to be the best version of ourselves. For this reason, all members of our academy share a strong sense of self, place and purpose. Our staff know what excellence looks like and strive to ensure that their daily actions inspire children to seek to achieve excellence too.

King’s Oak is the HEART of the Kingswood community; our work inspires our students to contribute to their community now and in their future as adults. Throughout your child’s time at King’s Oak they will be able to access and contribute towards a variety of community projects so that together, we achieve more than the sum of our individual parts.

We are open minded and our student voice drives both debate and decision making. At King’s Oak we embrace challenges and seek to learn from them. We know that the children who are ‘grown here’ will shape our society in the future and believe in instilling strong moral values and ensuring that each child can communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

We believe in the potential of all, and with hard work and determination, great things can be achieved.

In summary, your child’s attainment and progress at King’s Oak will be high. More than this though, as your child progresses through King’s Oak, they will develop ambition, passion, a sense of justice, a desire to serve the communities in which they live, an understanding of how to promote safety in themselves and others and a love of learning and development that will be with them all of their lives.