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Anti Bullying Policy

Everyone at King’s Oak Academy takes bullying seriously; we want all our young people to feel safe and happy when they are at school. Sometimes we don’t know if something bad is happening, so you need to tell us. This policy looks at bullying and what you can do when you feel you are being bullied, or when you notice someone else being bullied.

What is bullying?

It is any action which makes a young person feel uncomfortable, scared, hurt, upset or threatened or angry. Bullying is when it keeps on happening, it’s on purpose and is meant to upset someone. It is often aimed at certain groups, e.g. because of race, religion etc.

Types of bullying:

  • Emotional: Hurting other people’s feelings, leaving you out
  • Physical: punching, kicking, spitting, pushing, hitting, hair pulling, dragging along, sweeping off your feet, knocking into people.
  • Verbal: being teased, name calling or using hand signs
  • Cyber: saying unkind things by text, email and online or sending unkind images
  • Racist: calling you names because of the colour of your skin
  • Homophobic means bullying someone because of their gender or sexuality; calling someone gay or lesbian to hurt their feelings would be homophobic.
  • Transphobic means bullying someone who identifies as trans –( a person whose sense of identity and gender does not match with their birth sex.)
  • Disablist means bullying someone because of a disability
  • Sexist means bullying someone because of their sex (whether they are a boy or a girl).
  • Sexting is sending inappropriate pictures, videos or messages – they can sometimes be called ‘rude pics’ or ‘nude selfies
  • Sexual harassment, sometimes people can act sexually towards each other and it might make them feel uncomfortable. This can happen online, social media or face to face. It might make someone feel scared, uncomfortable or upset. It could be: Someone making sexual comments, saying rude things, using sexual names or touching which makes you feel uncomfortable.

What to do if you are being bullied:


  • Ask them to STOP.
  • Ignore them.
  • Find a member of staff.
  • Walk away.
  • Use a worry box to tell the teacher.
  • Talk to a friend or a parent.


  • Do what the bully says.
  • Get angry or upset.
  • Think that it’s your fault.
  • Hide the problem.

Always remember it is not your fault and you are never alone.

You shouldn’t be scared to talk to someone if you are being bullied. If you talk to an adult, we can make the bullying stop.

What should I do if I see someone else being bullied?

Tell an adult straight away. Don’t stay silent or the bullying will keep on happening.

Who can I talk to?

It is important you tell someone if you are being bullied, or you notice someone else being bullied. Speaking to someone like your mum,
dad, care, teacher will mean that we can make sure the bullying stops and doesn’t happen again.

How Bullying is dealt with at King’s Oak Academy

If bullying is reported or suspected, it will be dealt with immediately by the member of staff. The young people involved will be spoken to and an account of the incident will be got.

This may involve talking to the young person about the behaviour, what happened and why it is wrong. The incident will be dealt with in line with the school behaviour policy and an agreed consequence will be given for any repeat of the same behaviour.

Date Policy Adopted: 13/10/2022
Date for review: 13/10/2023
Agreed by student council