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Upper School Homework

Year 9

Homework is set daily. Each daily homework session should take around 15-20 minutes to complete and is based around clear knowledge organisers. Students are expected to complete a task around the knowledge organiser content; for example, in Block 1 the homework task will be:​

“Write 10 self-quizzing questions based on the knowledge organiser”​.

Each student is issued a knowledge organiser booklet and homework book to complete their homework in, therefore no need for any device or internet access. ​The only exception is Maths, where Sparx is used, but on a clear rota with other subjects. ​

Each morning, tutors check students’ homework books for completion and log any non-completion. Failure to complete required homework triggers a sanction. Class teachers will then check homework for quality, and accuracy.

Knowledge organisers are useful tools in learning, providing an oversight of fundamental knowledge needed to succeed within a topic within a subject. They allow students to pre-learn and revisit information needed to competently work within a subject.

This style of homework looks to embed some key independent study skills right from the start of the students’ time at King’s Oak. It helps to develop resilience and self-regulation, as well as practising the study skills they will need later in their school careers.

To support your child with their homework please encourage them to complete the given activity to their best ability and ensure they spend the recommended time completing it. Students have their knowledge organisers and homework books with them at home, but please check that they have these with them every day when they come to school. You could also be quizzing them on the knowledge and content.

In addition to using the knowledge organisers, we encourage students to be reading for pleasure for 20 minutes a day. They should record this in their homework books as an additional record.

For further information regarding Year 9 homework, please contact:

Alex Heath
Head of Year 9
[email protected]

Year 10 and 11

At King’s Oak we believe homework is important at KS4 for several reasons:

  1. Reinforcement of learning: Homework allows our students to practice and reinforce what they have learned in class. It helps to solidify their understanding of concepts and allows them to apply their knowledge to different contexts.
  2. Independent learning: Year 10 and 11 is a crucial stage where students are expected to develop independent study skills. Homework provides an opportunity for students to work on their own, manage their time effectively, and take responsibility for their own learning.
  3. Exam preparation: Terminal exams are typically content-heavy and require a deep understanding of the subject matter. Homework helps students to review and revise topics covered in class, which is essential for exam success.
  4. Time management skills: By assigning homework, teachers encourage students to manage their time effectively. This skill is crucial for KS4 students as they often have multiple subjects to study and need to balance their workload.
  5. Feedback and improvement: Homework allows teachers to assess students’ understanding and provide feedback on their progress. This feedback helps students identify areas of weakness and work on improving their knowledge and skills.
  6. Developing discipline and responsibility: Regular completion of homework tasks helps students develop discipline and a sense of responsibility towards their education. It teaches them the importance of meeting deadlines and taking ownership of their learning.

Therefore, Year 10 and 11 students will be set weekly subject specific homework from their class teacher. For some subjects, such as Maths and Science, online software will be used to deliver exam-based questions, knowledge recall and content recap. For other subjects, paper-based work will be set in follow up and in support of class teaching so to secure and embed knowledge and support in preparing for examinations.

Across Years 10 and 11 students are expected to complete at least one hour of homework / further study a week per subject area.

This work will be marked by the class teacher or self-assessed by the student to aid in identifying areas for further development.

For further information regarding homework in Year 10 or 11, please contact:

Steve Mannin
Head of Year 10
[email protected]


Sarah Holtby
Head of Year 11
[email protected]