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Secondary Curriculum

Our philosophy is to ensure that every child is offered a curriculum that supports their development, drives aspiration and creates opportunity for the future. Every learner is unique and as such needs a broad and balanced curriculum to support them to find their passion. Our curriculum reflects our ethos of Work Hard, Be Kind, and builds upon the rich community atmosphere that we have developed.

The King’s Oak ethos (Work Hard, Be Kind) means that we demand the highest standards of teaching from our staff and students. We believe that our teachers have the right to teach and that students have the right to learn.

Across Years 7 – 9 (Key Stage 3) we offer a traditional curriculum. All students in these year groups follow the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, whilst exploring a variety of foundation subjects within the arts, humanities, modern foreign languages and design.

At Key Stage 4 students are offered a variety of subjects to choose from and are guided in their choices through a rigorous process. There are a wide range of qualifications and learning styles that accompany them. Students benefit from a number of alternative pathways that prepare them for appropriate Post 16 study.

PSHE and RS are delivered through lesson time in KS3, and as part of the tutor programme at KS4. Physical Education is taught regularly through the curriculum with a focus upon healthy living.

Moving Forward

We have the exciting opportunity currently at King’s Oak Academy to shape the future of all through education in South Gloucestershire and beyond. We are currently considering how the curriculum may look for learners in future years between Years R and 11.

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