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Juniper and Pine classes make up the Year 3 learning zone.

The typical day for Year 3 starts with reading. This always includes an adult read class novel and a selection of independent reading, guided reading led by the class teacher, shared reading with a partner, reading comprehension teaching and practice.

Following reading, the children start maths learning with a combination of fluency, reasoning and problem solving which allows them to apply previous learning to new topics. Maths is interactive, varied and follows the mastery approach to learning.

After break, the children spend a few minutes learning a new times table fact, completing a short test and chanting the answers to embed their new learning. This new take on an old approach is based around the verbal memory of sound patterns to enable children to memorise these crucial facts that they will use in many areas of maths.

English follows this, which includes either a handwriting or spelling session and then the main session that is focussed around a different high quality text each term. These lessons may include immersion into the text, role play, drama, vocabulary work, grammar activities and writing.

Our afternoon curriculum is largely based around our key question. Our topic web (which can be seen below) shows what our current key question is. This includes History, Geography and Science but also gives the children opportunities to be designers, artists etc. through the sessions. Some topics are taught separately such as RE, PE, music and PSHE. We are also fortunate to benefit from the expertise of our secondary colleagues, who teach sessions in computing and French.