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Welcome to the Acorn

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everybody looking at The Acorn, the primary phase of King’s Oak Academy.   We want to get every day right for each child from their very first day in education.  We are building a school which has a progressive, personalised curriculum from Reception to Year 11, building on previous knowledge, exploring concepts in depth and focusing on key transition periods with a unique staffing structure and curriculum.  Through our vision of an all-through Academy and close working relationships we will be at the forefront of 4-16 education and share our expertise with other schools and academies.   The Academy is a member of the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF).  Being part of the Federation with its commitment to ‘Embedding Excellence’ and our strong emphasis on collaboration means we work closely with other primary and secondary academies within the Federation.

Choosing the right primary school for your child can be one of the hardest decisions that we as parents have to make.  At the heart of all we do in the Acorn is our children, we invest a lot of energy and time into making their education the best we can.  We aim to provide children with skills and attitudes that they can use for the rest of their lives. We involve the children in their learning journey and create active, independent, resilient learners. It is our ambition for all of our learners to be full of ideas and love using their imagination and resourcefulness to help them with their learning.  We want them to believe they can achieve the highest goals and anything is possible.

Children only flourish when we in school work with parents, promoting the same values and sharing closely their progress, understanding and concerns. Education is at its strongest when approached through a triangulation of pupil, home and school.  In the Acorn we firmly believe parents play a vital role in the education of their child and we aim to develop excellent working relationships with our families.

Sometimes things go wrong in school and sometimes children make bad choices – it’s all part of growing up! Because we believe passionately that school is about learning and about so much more than just learning how to read and write, we will work with every child to help them to develop or improve their life and interpersonal skills; skills like how to cope with their feelings, what to do when someone annoys or wrongs them and how to cope with a whole range of situations and problems. We don’t blame or label children who get it wrong, we just help them to learn and get better in those areas – that’s what schools are for!

Finally, we think that wherever possible, for it to be effective, learning should be fun. It can be wet, it can be muddy and it can be a bit messy sometimes too.  Your children may come home looking a bit dishevelled but we hope they have had a memorable day!