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Reception Letter Term 3

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Welcome to Reception!  Starting Primary School is a key time, and we want to ensure that your child is warmly welcomed, finds their learning exciting and challenging and that they become successful lifelong learners. We structure our environment to provide opportunities for our children to develop as independent, enquiring and resilient young people. In Reception, we take pride in giving our children real life, hands on experiences that engage and motivate our learners.  Our open plan environment allows our children to develop their independence and problem solving skills, whilst providing them with endless opportunities to socialise with a wide range of children.  We have a large outdoor learning environment which the children are allowed to explore at will during their free-flow discovery time.  We understand the importance of our children developing their communication and language skills, and we place this at the forefront of all of our learning and everything that we do.

Throughout the year we focus on becoming experts in the numbers to 20.  By doing so our children leave Reception with a solid understanding of the number system whilst also having the confidence to solve problems independently.   In Reception we follow the letters and sounds programme of study.  We play a range of phase 1 games where we learn listening skills and rhyme, whilst also throughout the year learning our phase 2 and 3 sounds.  We give constant opportunities for our children to play with their letters and sounds knowledge, so that by the end of the year they are beginning to become confident, independent readers.


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We share our learning with our families via the Seesaw app.  Here you can see photos of your child’s learning and share private messages with your class teacher.

Login – first 4 letters of your child’s first name and first 4 letters of your child’s surname.  (So John Smith would be – johnsmit)

Password – Your child’s class then 2020 (So Blossom2020 or Catkins2020)

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